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There were nearly 150 active entries in the bug tracker when I was approved recently as a new co-maintainer. As I had time in the evenings after the baby was asleep, I went through and reviewed every one of these bug reports. Many had already been addressed by Lincoln some time ago. Those were simply closed. Still, I found about 20 fairly ready-to-go patches, and those have now been processed and released today as 3.45. Whenever code changes were made, I also strived to make sure new automated tests were added that covered those cases. You may be surprised how many methods in have no automated tests for them at all.

Now there are still about 50 open issues in the bug tracker. For these, I have tried to use the subject line some summary indication of what is needed to move it forward, like "Needs Test: ", or "Needs Peer Review: " or "Needs Confirmation". Generally, I plan to wait patiently for volunteers to help with these. If you use, consider helping to move one of these forward.

To make collaboration easier, is now on github. You are welcome to fork and send pull requests through there, although posting patches to the bug tracker continues to work file for small changes. The full CVS history has not been translated yet, but may be eventually. has been in the Perl core since 5.4. With its maturity comes quirks. I'm not a fan of the HTML generation functions. I find the support for both OO and procedural styles awkward. As I have more time, I also hope to continue updating the documentation to promote more modern practices, and de-emphasize other parts of it, like the HTML generation functions and the procedural interface.

I would like to thank Lincoln Stein for building and releasing, and for maintaining it for over a decade. Many projects from CGI::Application to Movable Type depend on it. I also appreciate his willingness to allow for direct help on the project, and his receptiveness to the documentation overhaul idea. Lincoln is continuing his involvement. He completed the final review and release of the changes proposed for 3.45.

I understand that is broadly used, but like ExtUtils::MakeMaker, not always well loved. It's true that some day it will be completely replaced by next-generation tools, and some reasonable candidates exist now. Until then, there are thousands of existing users will appreciate our collective maintenance of the module. Let's get the bug tracker back down to zero!

Using rsnapshot with systemd

Published on August 26, 2016