In 1998 I dug up one my first computer graphics creations, from 1986. I would have been 11 years old, and using the cutting edge technology of the time, An Apple IIc. I can't even find references to graphics software for the Apple IIc, so I'm not even sure what software I used to create this. (Ideas any one?) I developed a super secret blue formula that involved everything in the house with the Mr. Yuck Mr Yuk symbol on it, plus a few others for good measure that were just smelly, bubbly, or foamy. I was sure I had finally come with something amazing when I stained the carpet in my room beyond repair with my blue paint-like substance.

Logically, I buried my secret stuff in backyard for safe-keeping, and made a map with a secret key to find it later. I put the maps in my journal, which I kept in my secretest place, a small bookshelf with a false wall.

Original Artist's Conception

Notice the reverse type in the final digital product. That's my secret notation for the proportions to re-activate my secret stuff.

Final digital product