Wheelchair as a DIY camera dolly

Wheelchair as a DIY camera dolly
Photo by Hennie Stander / Unsplash

In college I got the opportunity to help film a TV production using an ingenious low budget budget dolly. ( the following page about the handy-cam was taken from Bill Nixdorf's website at geocities. )


Made from 1 1/2" square tubing and a wheel chair, this camera mount was designed as an economical alternative to renting a Dolly Cart & Tracks.  The placement of the center pivots allows a video camera to be raised and lowered while the center of the image remains constant. Other adjustments can be made in the standard tripod head attachment.

Mark can be seen stage left on the set of the ANYTHING GOES show.  He is getting ready to tape the first guest of the show with the new HANDY-CAM camera-mount.

It is the end of the show and Mark has only seconds to roll across the set and back while capturing a clean shot of all the guests. Mark became first HandyCam Operator and Director of Videography due to his excelent coordination, determination, and impressive results.

A long cord extends to the ceiling and is recoiled by a counter weight system as Mark wheels the HANDY-CAM back stage-left.