Couch hunting: A cargo bike sport

Couch hunting: A cargo bike sport

Making sport of cleaning some of the biggest household junk out of our cities and towns. Works best if you have a city dump within biking distance

Couch hunting rules

  1. Cruise alleyways to find abandoned furniture.
  2. Tie down acquired furniture to bike trailer or cargo bike
  3. Proceed to city dump. Ride onto the scales and get your total weight. Subtract "tare weight" of the rider, bike and trailer to get your score for the trip.

Couch hunting photos

Some photos of hauling other people's junk.

Couch hunting without electric assist or the ability to stand up presented extra challenges. Estimated cargo weight: 150 lbs. 
A heavy, water-logged, triple-reclining sofa. A tough haul! 225 lbs (plus 47 lb trailer).
This was my biggest load by size: a love seat on top of a couch. Estimated cargo weight: 220 lbs.
A water-logged triple-recliner. 225 lbs.
another alley couch and loveseat liberated
I wasn't planning to make a dump run this day and wasn't sure I could make this fit, but I did!
A love seat getting ready to be tossed at the dump. 
This monster-size sofa was found in a dumpster in pristine shape on college move out day along with some other furniture we kept. This didn't fit in the basement and was redirected to the Habitat ReStore. No recorded weight!