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Ron Whitehead is poet, writer, independent scholar, editor, publisher, activist for world peace and for healing the earth. He has edited over 250 titles and published over 150. He has produced over 300 readings, concerts, festivals, and INSOMNIACATHONs across the USA and Europe. He has presented over 600 readings of his own work round the world.

is numerous publications include I Will Not Bow Down: Selected Poems 1990-1995, Blood Filled Vessels Racing To The Heart: Beyond Chaos is The Ocean of Consciousness, and Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon. At least three new titles will be released In 99 Including Gimme Back My Wig: The Hound Dog Taylor Blues, Kokopelli, and volume 2 of Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon. CDs include Tapping My Own Phone and the soon to be released From Louisville to Reykjavik & Beyond with his new group Voices Without Restraint. He will be touring the USA and Europe throughout 99 and 2000. When not traveling he lives in Kentucky and Iceland.

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