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Blue Collar Broadcast
Blue Collar Broadcast irregularly featured new working class poetry and prose.

Old broadcasts

Loseh -- Finster K. Rain
Transgressions -- Patricia Ranzoni
Gulf Coast Levitation --Jordan Green
freeverse12oh5p.m. --Finster K. Rain
work and think(cus mark said so)--Finster K. Rain

       "5days to go now, working for your next pay..."bob marley

            I and I and is (but)1 among many I's.  Many I's who have 
compassion for humanity in such a eachly individual-take, that 99 1/2 it
won't do, no my  eager reader. The bluecollarbaby is eh loner, a grin among
faces. The bluecollarbaby  stands shivering undeneath bridges  encompassed
smoke of dried twigs,taken plywood from construction sites,and 
miserablewastedink from phonebooks,   a fire for the few.  Whether 
North,South,East,West, (!)huh, the bluecollarbaby   every last one of em
working. Some are distracted in their focus, others pinpointed-daftly
and some manic and lively   each day is a new task.  The bluecollarbaby  
finds commradie among restless thought. Is decomposed by
and fisted by acheyacheyheartbreakin' shakey-to-the gut  words from girl
drive em' nuts. Bring us all togethuh, administer relations  so  all those
 should be   will.  
          Bluecollarbaby  will detail eh life and thought of an average 
wreckless and impatient goose living with the struggle of distraction and 
wit. Media and ploys     events and all those 'little' things in the 
scratches and crevisis-hang'ons, nothing will be shadowed. The KKK comes to
NYC? Ba$tards thuh lot of em.  And so you the reader,
 in future wails of bluecollarbaby  you will be informed, and thus 'hear' 
about various other  bluecollarbabies  i am stroked to know.
           Encouraged you are, to write us and tell us what you think, as 
what we think, 
and what you don't know.


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