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Blue Collar Boom cover
photo by Bill Burke
Blue Collar Boom, a book full of class resentment with all the heartache, striving, and flat-out bastard defiance which is blue light America Our focus is pulling up roots and moving, hard times and perseverance, and the freak edge of the job market.

Blue Collar Boom's stories of work in the coal industry, carnie workers, family abuse, motherhood, Pentecostal religion, civil disobedience, police brutality, and Greyhound buses are honest accounts of true lives.

16 writers contributed to this book, edited by Jordan Green and designed by Mark Stosberg. The writers are Zoe Ryder Arnold, Edward Bujans, Colette, Doc Dachtler, Kent Fielding, FKR, Jordan Green, Tracey Johnstone, Chris King, Charles Semones, W. Loran Smith, Nova Ren Suma, Nick Valle, Rani Whitehead, Ron Whitehead, and Yojo. Photographs by Bill Burke and Lance Jones grace the pages.

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