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Blue Collar Broadcast
Blue Collar Broadcast irregularly features new working class poetry and prose. If you would like to submit something for publication here, email it to tilt-a-whirl-broadcast@summersault.com

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work and think(cus mark said so)--Finster K. Rain

Finster K. Rain

Am I eH lOseUH

                                            As i 
                             consoluhdate  buhss-tubs
                                   2 waitresses chat 
i love him sooo much but i had to end it with him.
!?!? I can't have A-N-Y  kind'a  future with him, he works in a deli!
i'm 19  he's 25, ?what's  he r-e-a-l-l-y  gonna (!?!)do for me?
-i know what you mean, Jen. 
-Jen what kind'a man still works for 7dollars an hour when he's 25!?! yuh 
yea   your right, he was such a sweetheart though!
Hearin  this  distracted and consumed my thoughts,
as i reached into one buss-tub to gathuh USED cuttery &
dirty dishes.
I nevuh finished   college.
twentysix yearzold  still bussin tables N' barbackin
Is that how othuh women 

L u g g i n    a l l    thuh  garbage
                           out  to  thuh smelly  dumpstuh
Fill all thee icebinz up with ice  makin sure Kari and Caroline
 behind  thuh bar  has  2buckets  of  backup ice
Den wait tuh get  tipped-out & thank 'em
Say my   'so-longs   tuh everyone(sometimes  twice)
And  leave
Saturday comes uhround
section 113(in unity  come tegethuh)
where thee workin man makes his sound-
!Dale Ooo!  Dale O!!  !Dale Fusion  Dale O!!!
Spends his wages on many eh 4dollar-DOMESTIC beer
scarfin down eh 3dollar hotdog
'Supportin  his futbol team with pride & passion  even though they
lost more games  than won.
Hospital Orderlies
Can  women  love grown-men like us?

6/21/99 1:58am
written by 
dedicated  to  all those who got  uhlittle distracted  uhlong thuh way. And 
to those who are 'smart' enough   but are hindered to get  'certain' jobs  
cause of not havin eh collEge diploma.
And to my family who respects me, a 26yearold bussboy/barback.

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