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Blue Collar Broadcast
Blue Collar Broadcast irregularly features new working class poetry and prose. If you would like to submit something for publication here, email it to tilt-a-whirl-broadcast@summersault.com

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Patricia Ranzoni


for the man at the Stockton spring

stop          back up

excuse me  hi  stacks of gallon milk
containers whetting his pickup yup
awful good come twice a week

may I interrupt for a drink don't
oh don't lower your eyes please
oh please don't defer sure got a cup

no I can use my hands I know about this
I know lugging water I know filling jugs
I know making last I know sweaty t-shirts
heavy workpants in 90 degrees I know you sir
it's you I need to splash my face in
soak my eyes cool my tongue
wash down the chin-high front of me oh please
don't oh please oh don't look less
can't you see my dress is ripped
in this trough I wear no shoes

you the quench I'm here for

Patricia Ranzoni


I know I

am not supposed

to be writing our women

digging their greens, tres-

passing in another class,

but this ground is composed

of my people

and I am on my knees

and this is a knife.


Patricia Ranzoni is a founder of the cross-cultural SpiritWords/Maine Poetries Collaborative. She has her own website with further poems and information. You may also email her. Poems are © Patricia Ranzoni, 1998

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