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Blue Collar Broadcast
Blue Collar Broadcast irregularly features new working class poetry and prose. If you would like to submit something for publication here, email it to tilt-a-whirl-broadcast@summersault.com

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Loseh -- Finster K. Rain
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freeverse12oh5p.m. --Finster K. Rain
work and think(cus mark said so)--Finster K. Rain

Finster K. Rain

freeverse12oh5p.m.1920's'30s NYC on i mind

          smoked O P B's (other people's butts) at age 9
        left skool to work during that time(.)(his)dad's speakeasy N craps(.)
 from factories L.I.C., De Nobali Cigars, Milkbottles'glassjars.
                      Unloading grapes on the docks  inwhich J. Majurri
 would recieve a nickle for each case stock.PLAZA HOTEL bellhop.
                       Yuh uncle  a Barber would go uptown
LITTLE ITALY NORTH(east Harlem) was also beni with
     'LITTLE ITALY SOUTH(down town) Stories
           stories  which no one 'would remember.   Vino
         bread cheese             vino                     vino
                            vino  "no  more  please."Uncle would sing
         from his   wine
    filled   belly
den    always  den
     it would be time to go.  Homebound- Astoria/Ravenswood
eastriverhome  thee otherside(queensboroughbridge)Manhattan zone.
                                 And you think   Thee Movie$
                          showed     what went down?
               Honor, BiznE$$   that was sound?
                        running the numbuhz racket,protection,ladies,
outta thuh truck cigar$/ciguhrett$,
             ladie$, and
                A  N Y T ' I N G
                         eh  hand  could  pocket,
  well  den(innocent hardworking UhmehRika)
                   even  den       DOPE
   would  make  uh lot eh -written by finster k . rain



                 -- for all the sons and daughters of Rocco and Katherine
   Perilli  and all the offspring that has come.

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