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Blue Collar Broadcast
Blue Collar Broadcast irregularly features new working class poetry and prose. If you would like to submit something for publication here, email it to tilt-a-whirl-broadcast@summersault.com

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Loseh -- Finster K. Rain
Transgressions -- Patricia Ranzoni
Gulf Coast Levitation --Jordan Green
freeverse12oh5p.m. --Finster K. Rain
work and think(cus mark said so)--Finster K. Rain

Jordan Green

Gulf Coast Levitation

I go gladly into the night
into its twilight heart
Torn apart as it is
Here come the backaches
freight train airbrakes
silent thunder earthquakes
the nicotine shakes
milk crates-- allasudden

home again

hustled through southern jails
a telemarketing job,
lying low
lustrous gulf coast
hot air barbecue roast
spit in the ocean

in a Gulf Coast state of levitation and doldrum-wrecked circumstance,
making $money and saving $money,
walking the tightrope, staying home at night
saving up cash for a quick flash on cheap trash,
neon lights, fast cars, waiting for a Greyhound bus rolling towards the Crescent City, waiting for Mardi Gras when the parades go down Rampart St. and the city is soaked in beer and blood and violence
until then, putting in my hours at a telemarketing job,
being polite to the boss, smiling at the ladies,
working, working, working
punch in and punch out
keep punching,
keep running, running, running
keep putting in hour and hours and hours

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