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"Ron Whitehead is energetic Bodhisattvic poetic spirit!"
   --Allen Ginsberg

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom and pure mathematics."
   --Hunter S. Thompson

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Tapping My Own Phone: poems and stories is a spoken word CD by Ron Whitehead containing thirty of his recent works.

All the selections from the CD are available through this website in RealAudio format. The quality has been adjusted to be feasible for modem transmission at speeds of 28.8 and up. If you don't have the RealPlayer, you can get it for free. I highly recommend it!

selections marked with a single "*" are taken from Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon


  1. The Bone Man*
  2. Most Wanted
  3. Gimme Back My Wig
  4. Tapping My Own Phone
  5. Shithouse Manifesto
  6. Mama*read the text
  7. Moxley & Eirene*
  8. Jasper Joyce*
  9. Music Saved My Life and Jesus Saved my Soul*
  10. The Coal Miner I* read the text
  11. Maimee Woosley*
  12. Kentucky Blues*
  13. Johnny Powers*
  14. Coal Miner II*
  15. How Many More Times
  16. The Other
  17. Netherlands
  18. Comes Night & Wind
  19. Raven Hair & Turquoise*
  20. You Grow Wild In My Heart*
  21. Kokopelli and Stardust
  22. San Francisco, May 1993
  23. Constantly Risking Reality
  24. Calling the Toads
  25. I Will Not Bow Down/Pledge of Allegiance read the text Mark's pick
  26. The Ending of Time: an alchemical rant
  27. No More Fingers Pointing
  28. Listen
  29. Without Blinking* Mark's pick
  30. Asheville read the text

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